Trapped Within Burning Machinery

Doom/Sludge Metal

Moreno Valley

Zak Esparza - Guitar/Vocals | Geoff Jones - Drums | Ernie Ballerz - Bass  | Rob Trujillo - Guitar


Trapped Within Burning Machinery is an American doom metal band from Moreno Valley, California formed in 2009. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Zak Esparza, guitarist Rob Trujillo, drummer Geoff Jones and bassist Ernie Lara. Their last full-length The Filth Element was released in 2015 through Black Voodoo Records and Midnite Concoctions receiving critical acclaim from music publications such as Decibel and CVLT Nation. Their latest full-length entitled A Titanium Hell is due out in 2019 showcasing the bands evolved sound paired with planned live appearances at festivals and surrounding tours throughout the year.

The band's sound features “slowed-down, yet thoroughly blackened take on funeral sludge” and melds “a lycanthrope that shifts forms between massive, fuzzed-out, sludge-filled hatred to moments of quiet contemplation and solemn passages.” On the band's style, CVLT Nation’s Joseph Collins wrote: "They’ve managed to straddle a fine line in the territory of Yob and similar Doom/Sludge acts, while also showcasing to a degree some rather progressive metal ideas.” The band deals with topics such as misanthropy, industrialism, human suffering, enslavement and dystopian robotic uprisings.


There are few albums I’ve had such an experience with that they actually made me shed tears. TRAPPED WITHIN BURNING MACHINERY did just that with their latest album ‘The Filth Element’ (2015)”

”Musically, this album is a masterpiece. Emotion-driven music that rivals the sound of bands such as Agalloch, Alcest, and even Bell Witch. Easily one of my favorite albums ever, The Filth Element comes in with a heavy blow of heartfelt doom right from the opening track
— By Frank Heredia - Doomed and Stoned