The Sawed Offs

Punk Rock


Dr. Sparks - Drums | Randy Idol - Bass | Jason Talkington - Guitar | Minner Himself - Guitar & Vocals



The Sawed Offs began in 2015, with a current line up including Jason Talkington (JT) from Teenyfloppers, Minner Himself from Post Youth, Dr Sparkles from The Lollipop Guild, and Tena Shoe Stew from the Land of Oz. Cultivating all that is fast, loud, and punk-fucking-rock, these guys systematically rouse up a sound of punk nostalgia that will keep you anxiously waiting for their next track. Adrenaline pounding, break-necking tempos, and our beloved nihilistic lyrics, The Sawed Offs, are 100% fast and in your face music.

Supported by Joe Queer, of the legendary pop-punk band; The Queers, The Sawed Off’s released “Punk Rock The Way It Was” in 2017, recorded at the infamous Scabby Road Studio. Later that year, T.S.O’s released “Plea The Fifth” infecting us all with the "Old Punks Never Die” attitude!

Most recently, The Sawed Offs joined forces with the Riverside Odds (speed punk rock ‘n’ roll) & Pig Pen (explosive punk-rock) releasing a load of badass music from up and down the east cost, on their newest split.



We are a bunch of old school punks from all stages of punkery. \m/
— The Sawed Offs
music is a true form of expression and these guys do just that. very talented and artistic.
— Danda Sparks
It’s hard to find a good, authentic punk sound like this...
— Colton Hill