The New Waves

Instrumental Surf + 80’s New Wave

Las Vegas

Ben Dubler - Guitar | Darin Cox - Guitar | Eric Chamberlain - Guitar | Eddie Schaller - Bass/Guitar | Gerald Proctor - Drums


The 80s tribute band has been several decades in the making, rooted in the musicians’ 10-plus year friendship. Officially around since November 2013, they’ve played their fill of venues all over Downtown, from The Griffin and Hop Nuts Brewery to The Bunkhouse. Drummer Gerry “Turbo” Proctor attributes A Flock of Seagulls for the band’s creation. While on the road, “I Ran” came on the radio, and the idea hit him to merge new wave’s fast-paced tempos with surf’s lazy, guitar licks. He immediately phoned Dubler and the New Waves took off from there.

“Nobody wants to hear our originals,” Dubler says with a laugh. “That’s how Turbo, Eric and I played in a band together. We did an original surf band back in the 90s, and we were playing all the time… to four or five people at a stretch.”

After witnessing the crowds’ excitement when playing other bands’ songs, Dubler never went back. “The second people hear that vocal melody, they know the song,” he says. “They’re singing all the words for us. It’s an easy style of music to translate to surf.”

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However, the band’s not one to merely imitate. Every cover takes on a customized quality; some songs are sped up, while others are just a smidge groovier. As Proctor says, “they sometimes make the unlistenable listenable.”

“We took a song like ‘Send Me An Angel’ [by Real Life]…and really turned it around into a banger,” he says. “It’s 100 percent different from how you would hear it on the radio.
— By Amber Sampson - DTLV




The New Waves- Hungry Like The Wolf

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